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Whether you’re a happy couple that already have children, or your family members and friends now have children, choosing a wedding venue that accommodates and openly welcomes children, seems to be quite hard to come by. And with a lot more people getting married later on in life these days, the chances of having children at your wedding is definitely increased.

Wedding train at Perrygrove RailwayHere at Perrygrove, we know what it’s like to take your child/children to a wedding which isn’t geared up for them. You are constantly worried about them moaning, being too loud, wanting to go the toilet every 30 minutes, always wanting to be fed, or generally just bored. It can be extremely stressful and make what should be a wonderful day, actually very exhausting. This is why Perrygrove is the perfect child friendly wedding venue.

So where better to have your reception than at a children’s attraction!

What is Perrygrove – Tree houses, Trains and Treasure

Set in the heart of the Forest of Dean, Perrygrove Railway is a tourist attraction, aimed at those with children aged 10 and under. We run steam engines and diesels and are open all year round. There are four stations each with paths to walk through the ancient Perrygrove Wood. We have our amazing tree houses at our main station Perrygrove, along with our indoor village. Foxy Hollow playground and picnic area is also at our top station Oakiron.

What we can offer…

  • Steam trains with ribbons and wedding headboard
  • Private marquee function site
  • Treasure hunts for the children, and adults too!
  • Exclusive access to all the Perrygrove attractions after 5pm

Working closely with our friends at County Marquees, you can have your own private area at our middle station Rookwood. This station would be closed to the general public for the day, making it a really special place to hold your reception. This is a large site and can accommodate marquee weddings for up to 200 people, whilst remaining an intimate space for much smaller weddings.

Extras you can hire from us…

  • A mixture of cups and saucers for afternoon tea, (65 available)
  • Train headboard – a personalised touch to your steam train journey!
  • Candy cart table wear, (glass jars, mini scoops, bags) and your choice of confectionery
  • Bunting, (400 metres)
  • Ice cream wagon – the only one in the country!

As each wedding is unique, we haven’t got a set ‘list’ of what can be done here at Perrygrove – please call us to discuss your specific requirements or ideas.FB_IMG_1435607044701 FB_IMG_1435607138066

FB_IMG_1435607329051FB_IMG_1435610753116 Wedding party at Perryrgove stationhappy ballardsrookwood 1


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Satisfied Customers

"Took 4 year old grandson to this wonderful attraction and he loved it. A special "thank you" to the truly brilliant staff who made his visit really special. Well done and don't change it!"

Malcolm G - Tripadvisor

"This has got to be a great day out for young families and is so inexpensive . Just make sure everyone is full of energy before the start of what will be a fun filled energetic day out."

Mark S - Tripadvisor

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